Design By Dolce & Gabbana Children Collection Fall Winter 2016

| September 29, 2016

In fashion industry Dolce and Gabbana have a flair for creating unique and stylish clothes. After the success for making outstanding outfits for women they are also launching modish and classy collection for kids. Their new children collection for winter 2016 has been launched and they have proved themselves again staying true to their fantastic art of making clothes in their most comfortable fabrics. But from the collection it is visible that they have given equally importance to kid’s fashion that some designers only give to elders. As usually mothers prefer to buy clothes in comfortable material and do not bother to look at design. But now they can have both the fine material with interesting color scheme and design pattern on it.

Now children can have fun with their clothes as they deem it boring wearing dark colored sweater and just to wrap with some shawl. Dolce and Gabbana collection is a pleasant surprise for children who feel sick with elusive old-fashioned style of just covering with hot stuff. They have designed new clothes for kids on genuine material drawing animal prints on it. Then there are carved teddy bear images on shirts .Colors for shirts are dark according to the demand of season. In winter mostly dark colors are used to wear. Keeping this requirement in mind Dolce and Gabbana has presented their new collection.

Mostly outfits in red, blue, black and green colors can be seen .Use of pastoral colors can also be observed. Stylish hair bands introduced by this brand will increase the charm and innocence of little girls. Your child’s personality starts developing from very early age so it is necessary to make them habitual of wearing stylish and trendy outfits.

In the above picture green leaf style outfit with hair band is looking awesome and stunning. Kids will feel happy in this attire as this color indicates joy and happiness. Then in other pictures children are wearing short shirts paired with tights. Floral design on shirts is giving it fabulous look. Images of animals imprinted on shirts are looking adorable.

If you are going for birthday party of any of your friend’s child, you can take these dresses as gifts for them. Dolce and Gabbana have wonderfully used their technique for designing costumes for kids. It can be seen that designing clothes is their passion and they do not do this just for the sake of money. And they have done a great job for children.


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