Comfy and Stylish Outfits for Winter 2017 by Ami

| November 9, 2016

Alexander mettiussi has introduced his new collection for the winter this year. The collection is very attractive with new color scheme and ideas. Boys and girls in fact people of every age can opt for this dresses to look graceful and stylish this winter. A variety of different dresses we can have in this collection. Camel peak topcoat paired with camel pant, Grey color coat with grey pant, jackets, t-shirts, high neck with coat or jacket are exuding very warm and soothing look.

The fabric used for the dresses is looking very genuine making the dresses look classy and comfy at the same time. Check pants, glittered fabric pants and pants in silk fabric are looking very much suitable for the winter season. You can feed the palette of your wardrobe with these outfits to enjoy the winter season in the best of health and with classy look.

Camel peak topcoat with camel paint;


The color is giving very hot and calming look and it will look very pleasing to eyes in the winter nights. Boys can opt this dress in winter night parties. The coat is designed with a different style of neck design. Button at both sides of the coat and big size pockets are enough to adorn it. It is coupled with grey color t-shirt made of wool fabric. Wearing sporty shoes the boys can have chic and fashionable look.

Grey coat with grey pant;


Grey color is looking very somber and peaceful to the eyes. High collar neck and a bow tied around the neck are complementing each other. The dress is giving very aristocratic look and you will show immense confidence in these dresses. A black color belt is chosen and the grey color sporty shoes are the constituents that are making the dress a perfect one.

Checked coat with silk pant;


In some dresses the color of the pant and coat is the same but there are also the dresses in which contrasted colors are used. Checked pattern of the dress is also used in the collection. Here we have checked coat with grey and blue contrast. Although the coat is simple but the fabric used here and the designing is making it different and attention-grabbing. Grey color silk pant is matched with the coat and dark color t-shirt is also visible. Who says only girls can look stylish but if you follow this a-line you can look very chic and fashionable in the gathering of the thousands. White sporty shoes are the addition to the glamorous look of the whole attire.

Button down shirt with jacket;


This look can be adopted by boys even at work place. Belted pant with button down shirt coupled with jacket is looking very decent and civilized. Zipper leather jacket is giving heroic and gallant look for which men longed. A sneaker with the dress is looking very perfect and cool. Young universities going men can have this look for looking damn attractive and eye-catching.

T-shirt with black overcoat;


Now we have a very awesome look for girls to adopt in this winter. Denim is for all seasons and everyone loves to wear it all time. The coughs of the denim are folded and white t-shirt is looking very nice with it. Furthermore the addition of overcoat is adorned with button from both sides. Let this dress in your wardrobe for having street look. At the time of going to visit a place you can have this outfit in your suitcase and have comfy and stylish look. You can change the color of the t-shirt with the same denim and coat.


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