Art Clothing Line by Illustrator Alina Zamanova

| November 1, 2016

Alina Zamanova is an artist and fashion illustrator who explores the gap between art and fashion erases the boundaries between ugliness and beauty. Her art work consists of traditional art work/paintings to scribbles on fashion photographs and fashion clothing. She completed her graduation in 2015 from the University of the Arts London and she continued to explore the field of art and fashion illustration and launched her first debut Capsule Womenswear collection SS16/17.

Alina’s colorful and ugly illustrations are the representation of her own dreams, ideas and ideal people. Her experience collaborating with famous fashion houses, designers and photographers like Nick Knight, curator of Show studio in London made her works move to another level and she continues to grow as an artist.

Alina Zamanova presented her debut brand collection in the art space of the 38 Ukrainian Fashion Week consists of luxury scarves and exclusive art-clothing collection painted by the artist herself. She has already worked with Alexander McQueen in 2014 and her work became more professional and gothic oriented. The destruction of the stereotypes of beauty and creation of exclusive things with her own history and mood plays a significant role in Alina Zamanova’s first collection.

The limited collection of art-clothing is the representation of the love for art, expressive lines and colors. To create the presentation, young designer took the inspiration from the 1992 collection of Maison Martin Margiela, Alexander McQueen’s work and French movies. Alina Zamanova says that main purpose of brand is to create new and unique fashion items that have a strong attach to art. She collaborated this season with London based designer Bianca Thoyer-Rozat to create clothing collection that worked as the canvas to an artist.

Alina adorned the fabrics with one-off paintings in her traditional fashion illustrational style, pouring vivid, dramatic figures onto the outfits as if they were her open sketchbooks. With their signature grotesque features in true Alina style, the blasé women featured in the clothing’s hand drawn illustrations are bold, delicately macabre and subtly androgynous. Often using water colors, acrylic and charcoal as her medium of choice, she takes inspiration from the works of artists such as Egon Schiele and designer Alexander McQueen, both are the masters in elaborate gothic style creations.

Alina Zamanova’s latest fashion line challenges notions of beauty standards in fashion industry, glorifying ugliness and aiming to comfort society’s traditional and unrealistic ideas of beauty. She loudly demonstrates the beauty of ugly, putting forward the idea that ugliness in fashion imagery should be embraced and not always rejected as it is today.

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